Areas we serve
Based out of Abbotsford, we serve the entire Fraser Valley and beyond. From Whistler to Hope and everywhere in between.

Low slope & Steep slope
No roof is too steep, no job is too small. Whatever your roofing need, we are able and willing to get the job done.

Our Areas of Expertise:

SBS Modified Bitumen
SBS modified bitumen, while typically torch applied, also comes in adhesive applied as well as mechanically fastened with heat welded seam variants. It is most commonly applied in a 2-ply system with either mechanically fastened asphaltic roofing substrate and both layers torch welded down, or the first layer mechanically fastened with torch welded seams and the second layer fully torch welded down to the first layer.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer roofs are one of the oldest roof systems on the market today. EPDM is a cost effective and quickly installed system. Though it may be more susceptible to damage than some of the other systems, it is typically much easier to repair than any other system. It has been around a long time and as a result there is a wide range of high performance products for even the most challenging applications.

Thermoplastic polyolefin roofs are one of the fast growing roof systems on the market today. Due to the high durability and UV resistance, TPO roofs are an overall well balanced system for most applications. Typically this system is mechanically fastened with heat gun welded seams. It’s downside is that it can be harder to maintain further down the line than systems such as Modified SBS and EPDM.

Although the most common slope roof the market, shingles are far from standard. In the catagory of asphault shingles alone there is a broad spectrum of products ranging in price and quality, colour and warranty length. There are also rubber and composite variants, as well as aluminum and steel.

Metal Roofing
In terms of longevity, metal roofing systems offer the most recompense. Metal roofing comes in many different shapes and sizes. In fact metal roofing is available in the same style as almost all the other forms of slope roofing: shingle, shake, slate and tile. There are also options for steel and aluminium.
For a more modern look, the most common variant is proably standing seam panels. The stunning look of a metal panel roof’s clean symmetry isn’t easy to contend with.

Architectural Sheet Metal and Wall Cladding
When seeking a modern contemporary look, there is little else that can stand up to the crisp edges and sleek look of architectural sheet metal and aluminum paneling. Offered in wide range of pricing and types, there is a pleathora of metal wall systems available. Although they tend to be more expensive than traditional forms of sidding, they make up for it with extended life and minimal maintenence. Whether cladding an entire building or just adding a beautiful accent to a wall, architectural sheet metal and aluminum paneling are a great option.